Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is one of America’s greatest singers and one of best singers the world has seen. She sang songs that will heard forever. It was in the 1960’s that I heard this new voice, she sang like no other, she sang r&b with a gospel sensibility and with her own style.

This mosaic, I hope honors her. When I saw Aretha in this pose last year, I knew I had to do a mosaic of it. This is the period of time I enjoyed Aretha the most. The mosaic shows Aretha in the late 1960’s. She was in her early twenties and had a beautiful afro. In this mosaic you can see the texture in the glass I wanted to show. A lot of black women were wearing Afro’s then, including most men.

Aretha was very active in the civil rights movement. She contributed her money and performed concerts for the civil rights movement. The black consciousness era was in full swing and Aretha was one of the beacons of light that I admired and enjoyed listening to. The songs that resonated with me in the 60’s were Baby, Baby, Baby Dr. Feel Good, Chain of Fools, Amazing Grace, Until You Come Back To Me, Spanish Harlem, Natural Woman among many others.