Nancy Wilson

I started listening to Nancy Wilson when I was in college over 50 years ago. She made an album with Cannon Ball Adderley in 1961, that I listened to and became a Nancy Wilson fan for life.

Save Your Love For Me is still one of my favorite Nancy Wilson songs. And that album with Cannon Ball is still one of my favorites. Whenever, she came to the Detroit area and Ann Arbor, I would go to her concerts.

When she sings she likes to talk to the audience and tell stories. She sings songs that spoke about the ups and downs in relationships, and most of all she sang about love.

Nancy knew early that she would be a singer and pursued her goal. She moved to New York after graduating from high school and started her career. She met various musicians and artists and she became known for her great voice and style of singing.

She signed with Capital Records and the rest is history. She has won three Grammy Awards and numerous honors. One thing I didn’t know about her was she really enjoyed singing in front of big bands.

She sang with the Count Basie Band in the mid fifties. Nancy still performs at the age of eighty one. She is a true Diva and has a style all her own.

In this mosaic Nancy is approximately sixty five. I tried to show in my own mosaic style how she sings with emotion and is deeply soulful. The colors I chose to use in the mosaic reflect the the emotions I feel when I am listening to her music. I truly admire Nancy and I hope this mosaic reflects that feeling.

One of her signature songs is Guess Who I Saw Today.  A song about infidelity that she does a masterful job.

My favorite Nancy Wilson songs are:

  • Joe
  • The Greatest Performance of my Life
  • Face it Girl
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Save your Love for Me
  • Don’t Ask My
  • Neighbor
  • I’ll Get Along Somehow
  • All in Love is Fair