Gregory Sipp visits Universal Stained Glass.

I was invited to speak about my mosaics by Brenda Supuwood, the owner of Universal Stained Glass (pictured with me in the red sweater) Saturday, Dec. 29th. Universal Stained Glass is located at 8580 West 9 mile Road in Oak Park MI and has been in business for more than 33 years.

It is business that creates and repairs stained glass windows. They also make mosaics and conduct classes. I got a chance to tell the class how I got started in mosaics and show them some of my early mosaics. Later in the talk I showed them some of my current jazz mosaics. I appreciated the opportunity to sell some of my mosaic prints.

There were a lot of good questions. I told them how I started in a mosaics class similar to their class. And how working with glass just became a passion that I have loved for over 18 years. We also talked about mosaic portraiture which is what I do the most. I want to thank Brenda for inviting me and I hope to return. Here are some pictures of the event.